Kitten Training, Socialization & Behavior

kittentargetThink you can’t train cats? Think again! The OSU HAI lab offers FREE kitten training class for owners of kittens aged 3-8 months. See this link to watch videos from our last kitten training class!  Kittens socialize and play with one another and meet new people. Learn how to use clicker training and positive reinforcement to work on problem behaviors and teach kittens to: Sit, Come when called, Go to mat & stay, Walk on harness & leash, Target, Stand Up, and High jump.

The HAI lab is also seeking participants with kittens 3-8 months old to participate in tests that explore their kitten’s social behavior and the human-cat bond.  

See this link to learn more about kitten training classes

Contact kristyn.shreve [at] to learn how to participate in research tests with your kitten!