Kitten Training

Think you can’t train cats? Think again!

See below for cat training tips from the Oregon State University Human-Animal Interaction Lab!


•Learn More! Kitten Training & Socialization Classes offered at Oregon State University

•Blog Post: Why Train? 

Blog Post: Finding the Right Reward For Your Cat

Video: Basic Cat Behaviors & Tricks

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•Using Clicker Training: How to Load the Clicker

·Blog Post: How does the clicker work and how do we pair the sound with a reward? 

•Time to Train the First Behavior!

Use the clicker to “mark” the behavior you are trying to train

°Click & reward each time the cat engages in the behavior.

°For example, if teaching the cat to “Sit”

·Click precisely when the cat sits.
·This will mark the behavior you like and let the cat know that when it sits it will get a reward shortly after.
·If you do not have a clicker, simply reward your cat when they sit. Try to reward as quickly as possible, so the cat associates the behavior with the reward. 

•Watch a video of basic cat behaviors below. Note when the “click” occurs.

•Watch kittens in our kitten training classes learn!

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•Getting Comfortable with a Harness & Leash

·Associate positive experiences with the harness before ever putting it on the cat.
·Place the harness somewhere where your cat enjoys spending their time (on their cat bed, tower, favorite spot)
·Place treats or catnip on top of and around the harness.
·Put the harness on the cat before each meal
·Give lots of praise when putting the harness on and while the cat is in the harness

•Watch a video below about how to get a cat comfortable and walking after on the harness and leash.

•Advanced Cat Training:

·Video: Training Go to Mat & Stay

·Video: Training Ring Service Bell

·Video: Training High Jump

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