Canine-Human Interactions & Cognition
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  • Canine responsiveness to gestures, attentional state, & verbal cues
  • Attachment bond formation between humans & dogs
  • Canine social development & problem solving behavior
  • Identification of individual and environmental traits predicting the success of dogs in homes or in working roles


Learn More about our work with Wolves, Foxes,
and Coyotes taking place at Wolf Park & watch
of wolf pup rearing.


Cat-Human Interactions & Cognition


  • Cat-human attachment
  • Cat responsiveness to human cues & attentional state
  • Influence of life experience on cat cognition & cat-human bond



Learn MoreCeciliaStand about cat training.

Applied Animal Behavior


  • Enrichment and Welfare
  • Role of the environment and learning in behavioral development & behavior problems
  • Shelter animal behavior
  • Social development & Human-Animal Interactions in captive animals & livestock
  • Animal- Assisted Therapy


ShelterCat2We conduct research in a variety of settings including
campus testing sites, homes, dog parks, animal shelters, wild life
centers, barns and in the field.



Members of our group have also provided training and
animal behavior consultations to zoos, animal facilities,
TV producers, lawyers, and pet owners.